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Environmental Specialties

Mister Cart 2.jpg

Disinfection Mister System

Model - RCPCE Mister Cart


Electric 350psi low pressure dispensing mister

Perfect for indoor and outdoor cleaning and disinfection

EPA registered Covid-19 disinfectant available

PWR-10-0ME1 with WX-0109.jpg

MiTM PWR Series -

Recovery & Recycle System

Model Shown - PWR-10-0ME1 


Click below for Spec Sheet and additional models & options

Sirocco surface cleaner vacuum.jpg

Sirocco Vacuum System with Surface Cleaner

Model Shown -  PEV2 w/Vacu Boom & SC21V


Call RCPCE for more details


Hydro Tech Vacuum System 

Model Shown -  RPV50


Call RCPCE for more details

Sirocco portable water reclaim

Sirocco Portable Water Reclaim System

Model Shown -  0WS100 w/CF100 filters


Call RCPCE for more details

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