RCPCE Lines of Detergents

RC-Ultra Line


  • Top of the line heavy duty general purpose cleaner



  • Premium heavy duty general purpose cleaner



  • Heavy duty general purpose cleaner/degreaser

RC-2500 Line


  • Heavy duty degreaser

RC-2500 HD-VH

  • Specially designed for vent hood cleaning


Hydrocarbon Mitigation Surfactant

RC-Reclaim It

Oil splitting detergent for recycle/reclaim systems

Alumi Bryte

Acid based cleaner for brightening aluminum

Detergents are highly concentrated and are meant to be diluted according to your needs. See a RCPCE Representative for assistance with matching your job with the best detergent and dilution ratio.

RCPCE Detergent Proportioning & Delivery Solutions

Automatic bulk detergent proportioning and delivery systems for concentrate and ready-to-use products


(for Concentrate)

Our custom PS-2 system is designed to use your water and our concentrated detergents to deliver the best, most economical and versatile ready to use product for your needs. By using your water you eliminate buying someone else's water.  The system automatically proportions and delivers according to your specifications. 


(for Ready-To-Use)

Our custom PS-1 system is designed to deliver our ready to use detergent. Much better than pump up sprayers, this is great for customers that don't want the worry and hassle of mixing concentrates. 

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