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Locally owned and operated since 1995!

In 1995 David Sparks had a vision of taking the pressure cleaning sales and service business to a new level.  He wanted to make the customer the focus.  He knew that taking care of the customer first and foremost would ultimately result in a win/win for the customer and RCPCE.  David's wife Cherie joined him in the business, bringing her knowledge and experience to create an even stronger organization. 


Our customer focused vision has never changed or wavered and continues to be our guiding principle of how we do business every day. RCPCE goes above and beyond to ensure our customers are always taken care of.  We specialize in sales and service of industrial pressure cleaning equipment. 

Our experienced sales team will make sure you have the perfect equipment for every job and project.  From compressors and generators to detergents and custom built pressure washing trailers, just to name a few. We have the products and expertise to take care of all your project needs.

For well over 20 years, we have been a proud partner with Mi-T-M. Their entire product line is second to none.  View our large inventory of industrial pressure washers, air compressors, concrete cleaners and environmental specialties.


Once you’ve purchased equipment from us, you can count on us to provide prompt service and expertise.  You’ll find the service department at RCPCE is professional, friendly, and always available to keep your equipment in tip-top shape. Whenever you have an emergency, you can reach our service department 24/7/365.

RCPCE Mascots - Here at RCPCE we love animals and do whatever we can to help animals in need. Because of that, we have a few permenant animals that have made RCPCE their permanent residence. 
Dusty aka "Bubs"

Dusty wandered into RCPCE and our hearts many years ago. He's super sweet, loves to greet customers and help us eat our lunches. He has his own comfy chair where he watches over everything. Unfortunately, Dusty has developed a form of cancer that is sort of treatable but not curable. So we are treating it as best we can, keeping him as comfortable as we can and hoping he's with us for some time to come. Stop by for some doggie tail wags and bring a snack.

Dusty in jacket.jpg
Dusty and Fluff in chair.jpg
Dusty and Fluff in box.jpg


Ginger got trapped and spayed as part of our effort to control the feral cat population behind the business. Before release, while recovering from spay surgery, we realized she wasn't really feral, just scared. So instead of releasing her back outside we worked with her inside and she became our inside office cat. She spends most of her day sleeping on Cherie's desk under her computer monitor in her cat bed but you might see her sometimes greeting customers on the front counter.

Ginger on counter.jpg
Ginger on shelf.jpg
Ginger on counter 2.jpg
Ginger under monitor.jpg

Semi Feral Crew - Fluffy, Tigger & Spice

We take care of several feral cats behind the business that we can't get close to. If they spend any time around here we trap them, get them spayed or neutered and then they get re-released. We feed them and provide them with some shelter but they won't let us get close enough to touch them or even take pictures of them. There are a few however that we trapped pretty young and we've been working for years to gain their trust. Three of them, Fluffy (all grey), Tigger (orange), and Spice (multi-colored) are now considered semi-feral. They come in our warehouse at night, let a few of us pet them and give them treats. In turn they provide excellent pest control. It's a win, win! So if you see cats running around when you visit us, just know it's part of who we are as an organization and we benefit as much as the animals do.

Tigger on hose reel.jpg
Tigger 1.jpg
Fluff in chair.jpg
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